Lily Seabrooke

Soft and sweet lesbian romance

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Lily Seabrooke is a lesbian, trans woman, and writer of NA (new adult) lesbian romance: romances about young adults, college-age or early-mid twenties, because—look, let’s be honest, the author is young. That’s really all it is. Write what you know, right?

She lives in central Michigan with her family (an espresso machine and a houseplant), and she writes soft, tender stories that make you feel good—they’re cozy little books to read in cozy little nooks, and she hopes they make you feel a little warmer.

You can find her on Twitter to be in the know on everything she’s doing, or you can sign up for her mailing list and be the first to get book announcements and free copies of her books before they release in exchange for honest reviews.


What Makes a Moment

Liv's open-minded and all, but she's totally straight. But when gorgeous and mysterious Sage Blackwell shows up at the luxury restaurant Liv works at one night and flirts with her, Liv is finding herself more invested in it than maybe straight girls should.


There's nothing wrong with a little fling. Just to experiment, right? You can't catch feelings if you're straight.

But things get harder when Liv finds herself admiring Sage. And Sage, who has a whole system for keeping it casual with pretty straight-ish girls like Liv, finds herself out of her element as a one-night-stand turns into friends-with-benefits, and then... maybe more?

Fake It

Avery Lindt finally opened her dream restaurant, but there's a problem: there's no customers. When she ends up on the other end of restaurant mogul Mike Wallace's smear campaign, too, everyone loses hope but her.


Meanwhile, celebrity chef Holly Mason needs a refresh for her image, before her slimy ex-boyfriend Mike hijacks her show. The solution? Holly brings Avery onto her show to take down Mike's restaurant conglomeration together—and starts a rumor they're dating.

The only problem is this finicky attraction between them, too powerful to resist, but they absolutely can't afford to give in and make the rumor into reality. No matter how much their pretend dates start to feel like reality...


The Safest Place

When Lena Martin gets set up with Ember Grove’s most boring bachelor Will Ashton, she doesn’t realize the worst part will be falling for his sister Grace.


Especially when she finds out Grace is the girl she’s been anonymously exchanging love letters with—and who thinks her letter partner is a man.


When they meet, it's anything but charitable. But as wedding planning keeps drawing Lena and the Ashtons together, can Lena and Grace resist that same spark of connection in one another they feel from their love-letter writers?

Reach the Stars

Emmy Montford never thought she’d make it to this song contest stage, let alone run into the reigning champion Katarina Jackson—literally.

But as easygoing, fun-loving Emmy goes head-to-head with the ice queen champion Kat, Kat might just find again what it’s like to care about something, and Kat might just be the meaning that Emmy’s been searching for.

And getting shipped by their fans under #kataremmy doesn't help their feelings.


The Last Christmas Ball

Three years after their families brought them together, Gina Richmond succeeded in pulling Alice and Lisette back apart with an ultimatum. Broken and alone, they've spent the past seven years trying to find what life is without one another, but now, ten years down the road, another Christmas ball brings them back together to the place they fell in love, for one more shot at love in what may be the last Christmas ball.

The Simple Answer

Emily Garrett made a promise: no more forgiving people who hurt her.


But when she moves back to her hometown after graduating college and ends up next door to her best friend’s sister, childhood bully and her first crush, Vanessa Schreier, who is desperate to make amends, she finds that sometimes, the simple answer really is the best one.


Different Worlds

Natasha Seychelle, heiress to the vast Seychelle Enterprise, has been on a crumbling road ever since losing her mother. Losing her friends, falling away from her work responsibilities, and sinking deeper into depression, rumors are she won’t be able to succeed the company at the end of the summer.


Annelise Benson just lost her kitchen job and is in freefall. She’s desperate enough to take a sketchy job offering more money than should be possible, but the summer caretaker position she signs up for gets tricky when it turns out she’s a tool used to try shaming Natasha Seychelle herself into reforming.


The two come from vastly different worlds and clash in an ugly meeting that sets them head to head. Annelise’s dedication to completing a job is too strong for Natasha to shake her off, but—maybe, just maybe, they’ve come together for a reason.

Good Composition

Erin’s dreams didn’t pan out the way she’d had in mind. An unsatisfying job, a relationship gone south, she’s heading nowhere fast—until she sends one little text to an old best friend, estranged with time.


But bringing Aubrey back into her life changes everything for Erin, as the last things holding her relationship together fall apart. With nothing left to lose, what’s stopping her from leaving home, crossing the country and staying with Aubrey instead?


In the middle of struggles with her self-image, with health and with work trying to start a new life starting from scratch, she finds herself falling into something unfamiliar—she never thought she might be a lesbian, but before long, her best friend starts to feel like maybe more than a friend.


Life is Sweet


Melissa Warden is at the top of her field, CFO of a high-powered financial institution, but there’s only one problem: she doesn’t know why she did any of it, what she sacrifices every second of her life for. And after lying to her family pretending she has a girlfriend to keep them from worrying about her, it backfires when they invite her girlfriend to her sister’s baby shower. With everything at risk of crashing down at work, she’s forced to face the fact that she’s thrown her whole life away for nothing more than a title.


Kayla Spencer lives by a motto that matches the name of her candy store: Life is Sweet. But her faith in that mantra is put to the test when her candy store is heading towards insolvency, and when an ex-boyfriend from a life she thought she escaped shows up to try to bring her back.


Grabbing a customer you barely know to pretend to be your girlfriend just to get a pushy ex off your back is a half-baked plan, but Kayla has a lot of those. Besides, what are the odds that customer you barely know is actually a disillusioned millionaire who could also use a fake girlfriend? That would be an unbelievable coincidence that would obviously never happen.

The Christmas Ball

When Alice is dragged into the joint family Christmas ball, she resigns to grin and bear it for one month.


But the problem isn’t the man her family wants her to marry. It’s the woman they want her to stay with over the month. Who just so happens to be Alice’s childhood crush.


And Alice’s feelings haven’t changed.