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Lily Seabrooke

Soft and sweet lesbian romance

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Lily Seabrooke is a lesbian, trans woman, and author of sapphic romance that stars food, because odds are, at any given time, she's hungry.

Her interests include eating food, thinking about food, writing novels about food, and drinking coffee.

You can find her on Twitter to be in the know on everything she’s doing, or you can sign up for her mailing list and be the first to get book announcements and free copies of her books before they release in exchange for honest reviews.

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What Makes a Moment

Liv's open-minded and all, but she's totally straight. But when gorgeous and mysterious Sage Blackwell shows up at the luxury restaurant Liv works at one night and flirts with her, Liv is finding herself more invested in it than maybe straight girls should.


There's nothing wrong with a little fling. Just to experiment, right? You can't catch feelings if you're straight.

But things get harder when Liv finds herself admiring Sage. And Sage, who has a whole system for keeping it casual with pretty straight-ish girls like Liv, finds herself out of her element as a one-night-stand turns into friends-with-benefits, and then... maybe more?

Fire & Ice

Breaking hearts is risky business. You never know when you might fall in love.

Primrose Carter is a professional heartbreaker. As a member of FIRE, the underground group on her college campus formed of the people who have nowhere to turn but each other and dedicated to getting a leg up against the privileged kids, Primrose is an expert at getting a target to fall in love with her, getting what she needs from them, and breaking their heart on the way out.

But she’s not expecting her target this time to be a woman.

Giselle Lawson, competitive figure skater and the daughter of a finance mogul, has racked up one too many transgressions against FIRE. But from her perspective, she’s just trying to get by, heal from her breakup, and survive the crushing weight of her parents’ expectations—and the gorgeous woman who runs into her on the ice is suddenly the only thing she can think about.

For Primrose, it should be an easy case. But Giselle might just be the one to break her.

Fire and Ice Cover.jpg

Every Little Thing

Every Little Thing Cover.jpg

The end isn’t the best time to realize you’ve been in love all along.

Bakery owner Harper has her secrets. She’s always kept to herself, constantly on a career climb that only she can see, with no one allowed close—except the one person in Bayview who won’t take no for an answer.

Paisley’s fallen into bed with Harper twice already over their years of friendship, but it’s never meant anything. Unless it has, in which case—well, she’d have to confront those feelings now, because Harper is on her way out of Bayview for good.

It’s too late now for the two of them to find all the things they could have been. But maybe the ending is the best time for a new beginning.

Against the Current

Annabel can’t date her student. But what if they’re already in love?

Collegiate swimmer Priscilla knows her gorgeous coach Annabel is off-limits, but it hasn’t stopped Priscilla from longing for her for the past year. But an unexpected gold medal throws Priscilla into the spotlight and, as long-repressed emotions flare up, into bed with Annabel.

Annabel knows she’s attracted to Priscilla, but the line between coach and student is clear. Still, as their training sessions blur the line ever further, Annabel and Priscilla have to keep quiet before the thing growing between them tears apart both their careers.

But when everything is on the line between them, will they follow their dreams, or their hearts?

Against the Current Cover.jpg

If It's Meant to Be

If It's Meant to Be Cover.jpg

Some love stories just aren’t meant to be. And some people don’t care.

While she’s lost in her biggest contract yet, freelance producer Emberlynn’s comfy small-town life gets turned upside-down by the arrival of her best friend Paisley’s older sister. Sleek, chic, impossibly cool and way more attractive than her friend’s sister has any right being, Aria is distracting—and off-limits.

Burned out from her same-old career and wanting a fresh start after her relationship ended, Aria takes a break from New York, staying with her sister in the cozy small town of Bayview as she works to launch her first business. What should have been a quiet interlude takes a turn when her sister’s best friend, and next-door neighbor, is a little too interesting—and a little too interested in her.

When their neighboring-balcony coworking sessions blossom into something more, will their secret connection convince Aria to stay? Or is it a love story that isn’t meant to be?

Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is Cover.jpg

Kissing her childhood friend on a family Christmas vacation is probably a bad idea…

The Jackson family is primed to explode over Christmas—with Stella’s parents hiding their divorce proceedings from the family during a two-week vacation to the cozy Christmas town of Bellsford, Stella and her sisters are under strict orders not to cause drama.

And falling for her childhood friend she hasn’t seen in years is probably drama.

After a whirlwind relationship during a semester abroad leaves Abigail shattered—and unable to talk about it without outing herself—a cozy Christmas vacation with the Jackson family isn’t ideal, but is better than spending it with her own family. But sharing a room with her childhood friend and hopeless crush, Stella, is the worst—or maybe the best—part.

It should be easy not to follow up an ill-advised whirlwind relationship with another. But Abigail can’t deny the sparks between her and Stella feel… different these days.

As they rekindle a friendship and then something more, can they balance the situation with the precarity of Stella’s family? Or is a Christmas miracle set to turn into Christmas heartbreak?

Not Like Before

Lola never wanted to be on camera alongside an A-list star—but maybe Mackenzie is everything she needs.

History professor Lola Barnes never cared about celebrities, and filming alongside superstar actress Mackenzie Vale isn’t exactly on her bucket list. But there aren’t a lot of experts on Mackenzie’s hometown on the remote Celadon Isles, so when the studio filming a deep dive of Mackenzie’s backstory comes knocking, no isn’t really an option.

This exposé is the last thing Mackenzie wants to do. She’s had a good run as an actress without the ravenous press finding out she’s trans, but keeping it that way when the media is digging around in her childhood and with her gossipy family isn’t going to be easy. But it might be her last shot at her dream casting—and her agent doesn’t take no for an answer, anyway.

As a tight filming schedule, a nosy agent and a relentless director force Lola and Mackenzie to face the ghosts of their pasts, will they crumble in the face of everything they ran from once? Or can they find strength in one another and be more than they were before?

NLB Cover.jpg

One Last Shot

Ava couldn’t be less like her popstar twin sister—and now she needs to take her place.

A two-month tour impersonating her pop-sensation twin sister Eva—or Nova on stage—sounds like Ava Blakely’s worst nightmare. For one thing, she can’t sing, and being on a stage is her idea of torture.

But it might be the only way to save Eva’s pregnancy.

Tour photographer Freja Callister just wanted a vacation and some pizza, but a last-minute request to shoot the Nova tour pulls her in—especially when the popstar seems a little different than she remembers. And much too interested in Freja now.

For Ava, falling for her photographer while hiding her real identity is a catastrophe in the making. But hey, what do they have to lose?

One Last Shot Cover.jpg
The Christmas Committee.jpg

The Christmas Committee

Piper Fairway is Castle Hollow’s last hope, which means they’re kind of screwed.

With property developer Michael Landgrave trying to buy out the small-town center and pave it over, the town’s best hope is their Christmas Committee revitalizing the old Christmas festival the town used to be famous for. Unfortunately, Piper is the only member of the committee.

But when aloof legal writer Lyra Simmons visits town to spend the holidays away after a breakup, and Piper invites herself as her welcoming committee, a new friendship—and an accidental fake relationship—might just save Castle Hollow.

If Piper can get herself together. Frankly, it doesn’t seem likely.

The Rules of Love

Rule number one: never fall in love.

Amber’s rules have kept her safe from heartbreak—an oath to herself not to fall in love. But when her career as a romance novelist suffers for it, a vacation to her hometown brings her face-to-face with her childhood crush Celeste, and suddenly, none of her rules are enough to keep her away.

Celeste is intent on fighting her feelings for women and committing to her boyfriend Logan, but meeting her childhood crush Amber on a trip home for a family friend’s wedding throws her carefully constructed life into disarray.

Sometimes, heartbreak is the only way through to healing. But sometimes, a love story will never really go away.

The Rules of Love Cover.jpg

Every Rose


All Misha’s ever wanted is to get rid of Zoe—so what happens when the world pushes them onto the same side?


The pivotal moment in Misha’s career is here and once again, it’s Zoe Archer who’s in her way.

After taking over luxury restaurant Rose Bloom while the owner is abroad, Misha’s skill running a restaurant is tested when Port Andrea’s most infamous cutthroat restauranteur Persephone Jacobs opens a competing restaurant directly across from her and declares war on Rose Bloom.

And worse? The competition is headed by her long-time rival, Zoe Archer.

Zoe is willing to do whatever it takes to get Misha out of Port Andrea—even working with the feared and dreaded Dragon Queen, Persephone Jacobs. But when Jacobs’s methods get too underhanded, Zoe’s forced to face the unthinkable:

Maybe she needs to work with the person she hates the most.

Faux Pas

Paige just inherited a restaurant. Problem is, she can’t cook.


Willow Arches is a queer-destination small town, but Paige doesn’t know that—she’s never even heard of it before a granduncle she never knew about passes and leaves his restaurant, Faux Pas, in her name. A real estate developer by day, for Paige, renovating the restaurant to sell it for a tidy profit is a no-brainer.

But things get harder when the restaurant is in shambles, the town’s bustling queer population is in full force when she arrives right at the start of Pride, and all of them want her gone. With no practical or people skills, and no cooking skills to run the restaurant, she’s in a world of trouble—until Willow Arches’ most eligible bachelorette, brooding soft-butch lumberjane Madison Hartley, sweeps her off her feet and kisses her in the public square.

It’s a tenuous deal: Madison’s help with the restaurant, in exchange for a fake relationship, to keep the suitors off her back for Pride month. Sure, Paige has a massive crush on her, but it’ll all work out somehow, right?




This book is part of the I Heart SapphFic Pride Collection, which contains eight standalone books from some of the top authors in sapphic fiction today. Each one promises a Pride theme and a happy ending. The collection was organized by I Heart SapphFic, which is a website for authors and readers of sapphic fiction to stay up to date on all the latest sapphic fiction news.

Love on Location Cover.jpg

Love on Location

Seven trips across the globe, and seven loves to last a lifetime. Got your ticket?

Airport layovers and far-flung islands, sunny shores and breathtaking mountains—step out of your comfort zone, leave the world you know behind, and join seven of today’s top sapphic romance authors on adventures across the world. Grab your copy of Love on Location for a collection of soft and sweet sapphic travel romances that will sweep you off your feet in more ways than one, and support international LGBTQIA+ rights at the same time, with 100% of proceeds going to charity.

A sapphic travel romance anthology with Margaux Fox, Johana Gavez, Rachel Lacey, Milena McKay, Jamey Moody, and Jacqueline Ramsden.

Night & Day

Parker Ferris needed a roommate, but for the crabby ball of snark she is, maybe upbeat Instagram lifestyle influencer Cassie Peterson wasn’t the best choice.

Not like she had a choice: with her business rival Gary Founders crushing her coffee supply business, and her family still needing money, she’s eager to save rent. But it’s only delaying the inevitable.

When a contentious roommate agreement becomes an alliance to keep Parker’s business alive, the attraction between them is nothing but a spark to Parker, a bit of fun to pass the nights with. Cassie, on the other hand, doesn’t know how to feel anything in half measures when it comes to the girl she’s crushed on for months—which is even more of a problem when her fans don’t know she’s gay.


Stopping Gary Founders’ company seems like an impossible task. But confronting feelings both of them have spent a lifetime hiding from might be even more of a challenge.

Night & Day Cover.jpg
OSAAT Cover Web.jpg

One Step at a Time

Remington Bennett starts her new life in a new city with a key resolution: do not fall for a woman. She doesn't even get out of the subway before she falls for one—literally.

Dana Gallagher's life is storybook-perfect, but she's never connected with anything deeply. But when the girl who saved her from an accident turns out to be her new apprentice at the bakery for the summer, sparks fly hard enough she might just be willing to risk her heart after all.

But with Remi trying her damnedest to act straight for fear of the powerful family she left behind, can they find their way to bind together, or are they destined to crumble?

Silent Night

Overwhelmed by her life as a country-pop singer, Brooke Carston is back to see her small-town family for Christmas in Mountain Crossing, and nothing more—until she runs into her childhood best friend, Nicole Livingston.

Nicole’s happy in Mountain Crossing, but deep down, she knows all the girls who come into her life end up leaving. She knows better than to give in, even when her old best friend shows up in town again—and they have the same spark as ever.

Of course, it doesn’t help that Brooke is bisexual, single, and the entirety of Mountain Crossing is intent on the two of them getting together.


Last Chance


Jennifer has an assignment she can’t refuse: write a smear article on her ex-girlfriend’s restaurant and drive her from the city forever.

If she accepts? The senior position that food writer Jennifer Allen has dreamed of all her life, pushing so hard for it that her relationship with her girlfriend is near breaking. But if she refuses? Merciless head content writer Genevieve Durant will end her career.


Athena Walker left Port Andrea six years back ago on the back of a scandal that cost her dream. With a lifetime ban from the city’s restauranteurs’ association and a heart-crushing breakup, she gave up her lifelong dream of running a restaurant in Port Andrea—until now.


Returning to Port Andrea to run a culinary gauntlet through November is Athena’s one last chance at getting into the restauranteurs’ association and fulfill her dream. But when the woman who caused her scandal six years back, hard-edged Genevieve Durant, pledges to crush her again, and the writer covering her restaurant is the woman who broke her heart six years back, Jennifer Allen, Athena finds herself in the continuation of a story she thought long over.


For Jennifer, the choice should be easy. Breaking journalistic norms to get rid of her ex-girlfriend and to get seniority at the same time is a win-win situation.

But thirty days in Athena’s restaurant stirs up feelings she thought long-gone.

Fake It

Avery Lindt finally opened her dream restaurant, but there's a problem: there's no customers. When she ends up on the other end of restaurant mogul Mike Wallace's smear campaign, too, everyone loses hope but her.


Meanwhile, celebrity chef Holly Mason needs a refresh for her image, before her slimy ex-boyfriend Mike hijacks her show. The solution? Holly brings Avery onto her show to take down Mike's restaurant conglomeration together—and starts a rumor they're dating.

The only problem is this finicky attraction between them, too powerful to resist, but they absolutely can't afford to give in and make the rumor into reality. No matter how much their pretend dates start to feel like reality...


The Safest Place

When Lena Martin gets set up with Ember Grove’s most boring bachelor Will Ashton, she doesn’t realize the worst part will be falling for his sister Grace.


Especially when she finds out Grace is the girl she’s been anonymously exchanging love letters with—and who thinks her letter partner is a man.


When they meet, it's anything but charitable. But as wedding planning keeps drawing Lena and the Ashtons together, can Lena and Grace resist that same spark of connection in one another they feel from their love-letter writers?

Reach the Stars

Emmy Montford never thought she’d make it to this song contest stage, let alone run into the reigning champion Katarina Jackson—literally.

But as easygoing, fun-loving Emmy goes head-to-head with the ice queen champion Kat, Kat might just find again what it’s like to care about something, and Kat might just be the meaning that Emmy’s been searching for.

And getting shipped by their fans under #kataremmy doesn't help their feelings.


The Last Christmas Ball

Three years after their families brought them together, Gina Richmond succeeded in pulling Alice and Lisette back apart with an ultimatum. Broken and alone, they've spent the past seven years trying to find what life is without one another, but now, ten years down the road, another Christmas ball brings them back together to the place they fell in love, for one more shot at love in what may be the last Christmas ball.

The Simple Answer

Emily Garrett made a promise: no more forgiving people who hurt her.


But when she moves back to her hometown after graduating college and ends up next door to her best friend’s sister, childhood bully and her first crush, Vanessa Schreier, who is desperate to make amends, she finds that sometimes, the simple answer really is the best one.


Different Worlds

Natasha Seychelle, heiress to the vast Seychelle Enterprise, has been on a crumbling road ever since losing her mother. Losing her friends, falling away from her work responsibilities, and sinking deeper into depression, rumors are she won’t be able to succeed the company at the end of the summer.


Annelise Benson just lost her kitchen job and is in freefall. She’s desperate enough to take a sketchy job offering more money than should be possible, but the summer caretaker position she signs up for gets tricky when it turns out she’s a tool used to try shaming Natasha Seychelle herself into reforming.


The two come from vastly different worlds and clash in an ugly meeting that sets them head to head. Annelise’s dedication to completing a job is too strong for Natasha to shake her off, but—maybe, just maybe, they’ve come together for a reason.

Good Composition

Erin’s dreams didn’t pan out the way she’d had in mind. An unsatisfying job, a relationship gone south, she’s heading nowhere fast—until she sends one little text to an old best friend, estranged with time.


But bringing Aubrey back into her life changes everything for Erin, as the last things holding her relationship together fall apart. With nothing left to lose, what’s stopping her from leaving home, crossing the country and staying with Aubrey instead?


In the middle of struggles with her self-image, with health and with work trying to start a new life starting from scratch, she finds herself falling into something unfamiliar—she never thought she might be a lesbian, but before long, her best friend starts to feel like maybe more than a friend.


Life is Sweet


Melissa Warden is at the top of her field, CFO of a high-powered financial institution, but there’s only one problem: she doesn’t know why she did any of it, what she sacrifices every second of her life for. And after lying to her family pretending she has a girlfriend to keep them from worrying about her, it backfires when they invite her girlfriend to her sister’s baby shower. With everything at risk of crashing down at work, she’s forced to face the fact that she’s thrown her whole life away for nothing more than a title.


Kayla Spencer lives by a motto that matches the name of her candy store: Life is Sweet. But her faith in that mantra is put to the test when her candy store is heading towards insolvency, and when an ex-boyfriend from a life she thought she escaped shows up to try to bring her back.


Grabbing a customer you barely know to pretend to be your girlfriend just to get a pushy ex off your back is a half-baked plan, but Kayla has a lot of those. Besides, what are the odds that customer you barely know is actually a disillusioned millionaire who could also use a fake girlfriend? That would be an unbelievable coincidence that would obviously never happen.

The Christmas Ball

When Alice is dragged into the joint family Christmas ball, she resigns to grin and bear it for one month.


But the problem isn’t the man her family wants her to marry. It’s the woman they want her to stay with over the month. Who just so happens to be Alice’s childhood crush.


And Alice’s feelings haven’t changed.

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