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Let's face it: we've been inside for a while. Want to get away from it all?

Love on Location is a sapphic travel romance anthology for sale May 15th through August 15th, with all proceeds going to international LGBTQIA+ rights charities, to support civil rights for queer people everywhere—because the world is a big place, and it'd be a shame to miss any of it.

Scroll down to see our all-star lineup of authors and their stories, and click here or on the cover below to grab your copy!

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Kingdom of Sunlight


When her wife of twenty years leaves her and her 'perfect life' falls apart, Heather escapes to the countryside, hoping to paint some landscapes. When she meets an enigmatic and beautiful stranger, she realises she wants to paint her instead. Will she change Heather's life forever?

I'm a UK based writer who loves to write romances between strong and fascinating women. I'm particularly fond of a forbidden romance and most well known for my Her Royal Bodyguard series. I'm a passionate feminist and live with my lovely wife and an assortment of rescued dogs and cats.

Airport Connection


A delayed flight brings together two people from different worlds. A single mother traveling with her daughter and a successful executive coming back from a business trip. Are twelve hours at an airport enough time to fall in love?

Johana is a proud Colombian that loves losing herself in stories and fantasy worlds. She loves watching cooking shows, even though she can barely cook, and spending relaxing afternoons reading in her hammock. At risk of becoming a stereotype, she loves to listen to Shakira, Maluma and J Balvin, but will always choose tea over coffee.


Her writing is centered on Sapphic stories with romance at their core. She loves fluffy novels where love always wins. She reads and would love to write any genre, but romance and mystery hold a special place in her heart.


You can stay in touch with her via e-mail or on your favorite social media, be it Twitter, where she loves to share everything and anything related to lesbian romance, Instagram where she tries and usually fails to post beautiful pictures or Facebook.

Out of the Blue


Grumpy meets sunshine in this short story from Rachel Lacey! An unexpected love blossoms when two very different women find themselves unexpectedly sharing a mutual friend's beach house for the weekend.

Rachel Lacey is an award-winning contemporary romance author and semi-reformed travel junkie. She’s been climbed by a monkey on a mountain in Japan, gone scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and camped out overnight in New York City for a chance to be an extra in a movie. These days, the majority of her adventures take place on the pages of the books she writes. She lives in warm and sunny North Carolina with her family and a variety of rescue pets.



Lori Day is taking a vacation alone for the first time and expects a little fun and sun in laid back Key West Florida. When she kindly switches seats with someone, she begins an adventure that challenges the quiet accountant to be bold and Natasha Evans-Riley shows her how.

Jamey is a small town Texas girl that loves adventure. She has been a lifeguard, bank examiner, teacher, accountant and has found her passion writing sapphic romance. Her books are a way to escape into sapphic adventures of the heart, whether it’s on a romantic beach or lake or it could be in a small town. Your next happily-ever-after is waiting in a Jamey Moody romance novel.

Sunshine, Lattes and Words


A blocked writer, a failed beachfront retreat, and a coffee shop.

When Ava walks into Charlie’s cafe, the drinks aren’t the only thing that’s delicious.

A trope-y story about java, mojo, and finding your destiny in unexpected places.

Milena McKay is a romance fanatic, currently splitting her time between trying to write a novel and succumbing to the temptation of reading another fanfic story.


She is a cat whisperer who wears four-inch heels for work while secretly dreaming of her extensive Converse collection. Would live on blueberries and lattes if she could.


Milena can recite certain episodes of The West Wing by heart and quote Telanu’s “Truth and Measure” in her sleep.


Her love for Cate Blanchett knows no bounds.

Campfire Cwtches


When a glamping hen party brings Cait back to Wales after a ten-year absence, the last thing she's expecting is for her former love to be their camp coordinator. Will Cait be ready to leave again come Monday, or will she get another chance at love with Anwen?

Jacqueline (she/they) is a genderqueer, demisexual lesfic writer. They enjoy tea and books. She misses Wales very much.

Off Menu, Off Script


Lydia's pretty sure this vacation will suck, visiting her family's new island home to work at their restaurant. But things change when she meets her celebrity crush there—and accidentally throws a smoothie over her. With the spark they have, though, maybe this vacation's not all bad.

Lily Seabrooke is a lesbian, trans woman, and author of sapphic romance that stars food, because odds are, at any given time, she's hungry.

Her interests include eating food, thinking about food, writing novels about food, and drinking coffee.

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